Recycled textile, metal tube

Re-Hang was designed for the exhibition “A tribute to everyday life”, which was shown at Stockholm Furniture Fair in February 2018.

Re – Hang is made from clothes to clothes. The design is a reinterpretation of a valet stand made from recycled textile sheets from Really CPH. The textile boards are mainly made from used bed linen from hotels. The sheets consist of a core of cotton and outer layers of wool. The materials give a new, natural and delicious tactile expression.

Re-Hang is perfect for hotels, where the guest can easily hang their daily clothes and place their shoes, watches, phones, etc. By collecting used bed linen from hotels and recycling it into furniture that can be used in the hotel industry, you can create a circle of responsible sustainable recycling.

Re-Hang is also great for private homes, where most people end up throwing one-time use clothes down in the washing because they don’t have an easy way to store these clothes. With Re-Hang, you may be able to save a wash and therefor also help to take better care of the planet. With the possibility of storing things under the seating furniture and with wheels under the “tower”, you can quickly achieve a tidy and beautiful look with Re-Hang.