Solid wood, Brass, Aluminium.
Carl Hansen & Son

The Petal lamp has a modern and sculptural look, while the honest materials make it timelessly classic. The lamp is not only beautiful to look at, it also creates a cozy atmosphere – almost like a room within a room. ”The base of the lamp is like the trunk of a tree, and the two elegant metal reflectors are the treetop, which spreads a soft, glare-free light. The materials play the main role in the Petal lamp’s simple, organic design, where balance has been the overall goal. The lamp base in wood with visible vein drawings gives a natural, warm radiance, while the light reflectors are created in metal with a cooler but still soft expression. The result is that the materials complement each other in the finest way, while the lamp diffuses expressive and cosy light. The base of the Petal lamp and the light reflectors can be combined into a total of nine different combinations, which makes it possible to personalize your lamp so that it fits exactly into the intended interior.