This design is based on some basic, functional challenges I have observed in public spaces such in relation to storage of outerwear, bags and other personal belongings. When seated in public spaces we all want to be in union with our belongings. Often there is no room to place your jacket or bags and they end up on the floor next to you or they get squished between yourself and the chair.

With “Butler” I have tried to design a comfortable chair with functions that can give you relaxations while seated in public spaces such as restaurants, cafés, libraries waiting areas and hotels etc. The design and details of the laminated bent wood forms soft lines with space to hang your jacket and bag close to you.

In this project, I have been particularly interested in laminated bent wood, as it is very exciting in terms of form and function, as well as in terms of production. The strength of laminated veneer and the resource consumption of wood are extremely interesting to explore in this world of limited resources. With sustainability in focus, the furniture is created in timeless lines and durable materials. By using only one material, the chair can be easily disposed in a safe, environmentally friendly way at the end of its life