“Denmarks Next Design Classic” TV SHOW

During a total of six programs on DR TV, five furniture designers tried to create Denmark’s next design classic.  Rikke Frost has been so fortunate to be 1 of the 5 designers that participated in 6 programs designing 6 pieces of furniture. She took on the challenge to try and design and develop the prototypes in just 3 weeks, because it was a great opportunity to show the Danish people how she works and how designs go through lots of processes before they end in their homes. 3 weeks is far from what the real design development process is normally, but it still gives an idea of all the work and thoughts that is put into design.

Rikke Frost, won the “competition” with the children’s furniture “Bukki”

1st program Tuesday the 19th of february 2019

The Danish program can be watched here: https://www.dr.dk/drtv/episode/danmarks-naeste-klassiker_92160



Designers: Rikke Frost, Rasmus B. Fex, Isabel Ahm, Kasper Thorup & Janus Larsen

Judges: Anne Louise Sommer  & Kasper Salto

Host: Mette Bluhme Rieck


1239 1080 Rikke Frost Studio