Danmarks næste klassiker DR1

“Danmarks næste klassiker” is the title of a new TV program on DR1. I have been so fortunate to be 1 of the 5 designers that participates in 6 programs designing 6 pieces of furniture. I have taken on the challenge to try and design and develop the prototypes in just 3 weeks, because it was a great opportunity to show the Danish people how I work and how designs go through lots of processes before they end in their homes. 3 weeks is far from what the process normally is designing furniture, but it still gives an idea of all the work and thoughts that is put into design. I hope you will enjoy the programs.


  • 1st program Tuesday the 19th of february 2019
  • Designers: Isabel Ahm, Rasmus B. Fex, Kasper Thorup, Janus Larsen and Rikke Frost
  • Judges: Anne Louise Sommer, Kasper Salto
  • Host: Mette Bluhme Rieck